The Good Shepherd Special Needs School is a community based organisation which serves children who cannot access ordinary education. This is because the child might have a physical, behavioural, sensory or learning impairment.

The children, aged 4-18 years, are taught the National Primary Curriculum and vocational skills. This package is designed to raise their status and value within the community and to foster self-
sufficiency and prevent child exploitation.

The school has made great progress since it opened in 2009. It now caters for over 200 pupils. However, the Good Shepherd School, serves the whole of Western Uganda and disabled children encounter great prejudice. The school is a Catholic foundation but no child is turned away regardless of the severity of their need, religious persuasion, or ethnicity.

The school is a properly constituted legal entity. If you can offer support, or wish to know more please contact the individuals below.



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